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Anyone seeking to understand the profound inner workings of human nature must by necessity bring together data, in the form of statistics, records, reports, letters, essays, etc, from a wide range of sources. Each piece of information must then be evaluated, in order to determine its veracity and relevance. The Internet has given us resources not easily available before the late 1990s. Paul Dennis Sporer has collected various links over the last number of years, and he offers some of them here, with the belief that they can be useful to a large section of his audience. These links are provided for the purpose of fostering a better understanding of the motivations and dynamics of individuals, organisations, governments, and institutions.

Of course, these sites are far from perfect, and their quality varies. Note that, due to the nature of the Internet, there are likely broken links, and some sites have changed their policies. Also note that Paul Dennis Sporer does not subsidise, own, control, or promote any of the sites mentioned here; he also does not necessarily approve of all the material that is presented on these sites.

The areas covered are Sociology, Government and Mass Media.


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