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This area contains various materials that describe Paul Dennis Sporer's background. It should be noted that this section is not meant to be complete representation of his life, and the focus is on the earlier period, so that the reader might understand the origins of his attitudes, beliefs, and convictions.

The Biographical Notes section presents a short introduction to Paul's life and work. In the Principles & Visions section, he further elaborates on important issues. The Documents & Photos section contains a large assortment of annotated documents and photographs from Paul's life.

Some idea as to the issues that Paul finds important can be found in the books that Paul has acquired and edited, including Gentle Measures, by Jacob Abbott, Tupelo, by John Hill Aughey, An Incident of Travel, Arthur Jerome Eddy, End of an Era, by John Sergeant Wise, The Missionary, by Samuel Mazzuchelli, Beauty and Art, by Aldam Heaton, Half a Century, by Jane Swisshelm, Born Three Times, by Thomas L. Johnson, From Slave Cabin to Pulpit, by Peter Randolph, Newer Ideals of Peace, by Jane Addams, Parental Influences, William Bacon, The Vizier of the Two-Horned Alexander, by Frank R. Stockton, The New Birth, by Austin Phelps, Soldiers of Fortune, by Richard Harding Davis, 1492; The Admiral of the Ocean Sea, by Mary Johnston, and Finding a Way Out, by Robert Moton.

Detailed information about these and other books in the domains of non-fiction and drama can be found on the ANZA PUBLISHING website.


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