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From childhood, I thought that there is much good to be learned from the world, and enlightenment is invariably beneficial; nothing is trivial. For example, besides literature, science, art, and music, I have a fascination and long-standing interest in electronics, computers, technology, transportation, and aviation. I am convinced that only by careful, ongoing study of all aspects of worthy human endeavour can we attain true freedom in life. Because of this, I have a strong sense of commitment and loyalty, and a powerful desire to see justice and rightness prevail in the world; actually, these qualities are so vital, they should exist at the core of every human being, as they have universal applicability; people should utilise them in their own unique fashion. They make life worth living.

On the other side of the coin, there are those who have no hunger to learn about the great and glorious things of this world, no enthusiasm for the concepts of justice, wisdom, virtue, harmony, and beauty. Yet, such uncultured persons are numerous throughout every society. Let us be truthful: How else can we describe them except as soulless creatures? Such people are not only destroying their own lives, they are harming others as well. These are the liars and frauds, materialists and narcissists, nihilists and atheists in short, hypocrites of every variety, who interfere with, frustrate and thwart all the great projects in the world.

However, in order to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of great accomplishments, people must be able to clearly see the world as it truly is. Thus, spirituality is about bringing the ideal to life by conquering all challenges efficiently and definitively. Every educated person must do his part to bring forth, promote and preserve high culture, art, letters, science and religion. Idealism and perfectionism are not illnesses or pathologies, but should be at the very core of our supposedly Christian Western society. 'The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, "Here it is," or "There it is," because the Kingdom of God is within you.' (Luke 17:20).

I believe that we need to look at spirituality in an integrated fashion, rather than focussing on fragmentary separate issues. The most important thing we must seek is love, the perfect relationship. We therefore need to seek a high level of refinement, which produces the greatest gifts we can give to others, namely virtue, wisdom and beauty. In these confusing, troubling times, intelligent people want to hear the truth. They want their pressing questions answered authentically and objectively. They ask 'In this age in broken promises, deception and hatred, what should we truly seek?'. The answer is to establish the ideal of the family, which incorporates total openness, honesty, trust and commitment in relationships; it is a family that is ultimately not based on biology or legal status, but purely on mutual respect. There is no question this is a deeply spiritual theme, since it is reflected in the words of Christ who said that, 'By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.' (John 13:35)

Thus, the time has come to focus again on ideals in relationships. In my writings, I make the facts known about family, marriage, friendship, government, and religion, as I have discovered them through extensive and careful research and reflection. Specifically, my goal is to determine how thinking and behaviour are spurred, limited or facilitated by nature, background, social environment, and particularly, Free Will. Because people act with Free Will, they act with calculation, they are not simply victims of their environment. The intelligent person needs to know what people are really thinking, what facts they are leaving out, what methods they are using. Ultimately, I would like to connect with an audience that wants to see someone state the objective truth about man's inner motivations; they are looking for someone to re-establish the primacy of the concept of Free Will.


From childhood, my interests broadened and I became attracted to many different areas, despite the dull routine I had to follow in classroom. Since I was always results orientated, I didn't care for the abstruse theoretical approach used by schools in the fields of art, sociology, anthropology, history or psychology. I always approached these areas using my own perspective, taking what I liked, and discarding what I didn't. This challenged me to assemble a comprehensive view of the individual's interactions with society.

As someone committed to harmony, justice and peace, my activities are manifold, but I have two primary functions, as author and artist. As an author, I take a philosopher's approach to a social subject, something that is rarely done. For the sake of doing justice to a complex but highly important subject, I lay out and address the basic dynamics of human nature, focussing narrowly on the topic at hand, and prioritize conclusions and integrate results with each other. I sincerely wish to offer valuable assistance to others by adding to the common well of knowledge and wisdom.

I go wherever the analysis takes me; my goal is to refine the conclusions so that everyone can see how, when and where these dynamics affect them personally. My written works clearly hold a definite point of view, and they do not shy away from making controversial statements that might offend certain individuals or groups. My point of view might accurately be called 'traditionalist', but this is not due to upbringing, nor does it prejudicially tap into current fads or ideas. Rather, it is the objective realisation that many traditional principles in European culture are highly effective in helping ordinary people in dealing with the challenges of life.

But I believe a modern individual concerned with consonance and balance should be active not only in disseminating knowledge, but also in creating beauty. That is why as an artist, I am doing something similar to what I do as an author. I focus on the dynamics of the scene that I wish to capture, bringing the whole into cognition, without losing the accuracy or impact of the individual components. The viewer can then establish for himself or herself what they get from the scene, how they interpret the colours, shapes, textures and shades. I do not, unlike other modern artists, deliberately reduce the complexity of the scene, I accept the scene as it is, and attempt to bring all the components and elements into harmony.

I believe that one can bring together and harmonise different meaningful aspects in one life, one can be whatever one set's his mind to do, with appropriate and healthy self-confidence. God gave us intellect and imagination, the two great tools that make us infinitely higher than other creatures, but it is up to us, using our individual will, to apply these tools as we see fit. It is a great virtue to maximise the development of these resources, and conversely, it is a grave sin to waste them.

Paul Dennis Sporer


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